It usually hits the hardest when it’s 2a.m. and I can’t stop tossing and turning. So I go to grab my phone, just to remember that I am alone. Although, sometimes it feels like my chest is on fire and my lungs are filled with smoke, or like a chain is wrapped around my neck, causing me to choke. It just isn’t fair how you’re bathing in the sun, when all I get is to shower in the rain. It isn’t fair how you’re content, while I’m over here crying in pain. Did this mean anything to you at all? Or was it your plan all along, to drop me after you caught me in the fall?

i.c. // “It’s not fucking fair that I am unhappy, and hes perfectly okay..” (via delicatepoetry)

fuck sake doing your taxes is actually that fucking painful of a process. JUST GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY ABBOTT YA CUNT.